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Individual Counseling

At some point in all of our lives there comes a time where we feel stuck, are in need of help, or just don’t know what to do next. Whether you know what’s wrong or something “just feels off,” talking with an independent person with no ties to the situation is often very helpful; especially if that person is a therapist. The point of therapy is not always about digging into your childhood, but rather it is to help you understand yourself better and give you the skills, knowledge, and ability to move yourself successfully through challenges in life.

I don’t like to focus too much on mom or dad or your childhood. Instead I focus on the here and now. What are your goals? What do you want to accomplish in your life? What’s holding you back? What’s happened for you since our last session and how has this impacted the reason you came to therapy? These questions and so many others are one’s we’ll address in individual counseling.

People often think of therapists as “givers of advice.” As the therapist, I am a foremost a facilitator, so I’ll never tell you do directly do something, or give you a piece of advice and say “if you do this, it will make it better.” Instead we’ll explore whats important for you, why its meaningful, and how you can incorporate more of it into your life to achieve the outcomes you want.

Pricing: $150 per session — Click for more details
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Couples Counseling

Many rely on their relationship as a source of comfort, closeness, and safety. Whether you are experiencing some troubles in your relationship or you and your partner are doing well, couples counseling can provide support and teach skills to build lasting happiness. Using some of the research from the Couples Institute, here are some things to think over before and during couples counseling: 

It is not uncommon for couples to find fault or issue in their partner. The more you see that the problem is in your partner, the less incentivized you are to make changes to how you relate to each other. 

For couples to make lasting change, each individual will need to accept that they will have to work on how they respond (i.e. how they feel, how they react, how they think) about the issues occurring. 

Often couples will experience conflict because of assumptions of the other person’s motives. Therapy aims to examine and challenge these assumptions so that couples can communicate more effectively. 

Therapy helps each individual to better understand themselves, each other, and their relationship better. The magic happens when each individual applies this knowledge to change maladaptive or harmful patterns of interaction. 

Both individuals have their own experiences and perceptions of reality. Your experience of what occurred is completely real and valid and so is theirs. Couples make progress when they can begin to accept that their partner had a different experience. 

How well are you listening to your partner? It’s helpful to examine how well you listen before saying that you don’t feel heard or seen.

Pricing: $150 per session — Click for more details

Family Counseling

Families can consist of many different individuals, different generations, different experiences, and different lifestyles. Family counseling addresses various stressors that occur within a family by examining the group dynamics within a family. No member of a family exists in a vacuum and so when problems occur, it is helpful to see what other dynamics are occurring in the family. Often families will seek counseling due to behavioral or emotional issues with children; however family therapists are trained to address and assist with much more, such as:

    • Child and adolescent behavioral problems
    • Grieving
    • Depression and anxiety
    • LGBTQ issues
    • Domestic violence
    • Infertility
    • Marital conflicts
    • Substance abuse

Family Therapists often will address these issues in the following ways: 

    • By observing how individual family members interact with the group 
    • Observe, identify, and resolve relationship issues
    • Diagnose and treat psychological disorders or problems within the context of a family
    • Lead family members through tough or difficult life transitions (i.e. birth of a child, death of a parent, change of job, moved to new place, etc.)
    • Identify and provide potential solutions for unhealthy behaviors
    • Treat individuals and the family through a holistic approach

Family therapy aims to provide families with better communication, improved skills for handling tough transitions, problematic patterns of behavior, and provide a sense of safety and security for all family members. 

Pricing: $150 per session — Click for more details


$150 Per Session

At the moment, Atlanta Family Therapy does not accept insurance.

Reduced Fee Assistance (RFA) is available

While not guaranteed, if you qualify for RFA, it may lower your per session cost. You may request the RFA form to complete with your intake package, or you may request it any time after that. RFA reductions are based on household income, financial situation, family size, and other circumstances, and can vary among clients. RFA is not be available for intake sessions.